2024 FOS for 8 slide trumpets

2024 Last Flight for string quartet

2023 morok for ensemble

2023 armonia for two sopano and ensemble

2023 apalo angigma for large ensemble

2023 almyros ilios for ensemble

2023 haamu for two voices and ensemble

2023 Spettri for 5 celli

2023 Shards for violin and accordion

2023 Points And Lines On The Plane for 7 voices and 5 string instruments

2023 Of Birds for ensemble

2023 Rito for string octet

2022 Popil for large ensemble

2022 In The Cage for string quartet in the cage

2021 tamerai for ensemble

2021 OOU for ensemble

2020 MAPEBO for singing ensemble

2019 sottilissime for singing string trio

2019 Spleen for singing ensemble

2019 Vertigo for 2 sopranos and ensemble

2018 moshi moshi for 9 performers with smartphones

2018 Geheime Sehnsucht der Zellen for amplified ensemble, tape and quadro sound system

2017 Nacht und Traeume, open air performance for 6 performers and tape

2017 Tollers Zelle for e-guitar and soprano

2017 Zwielicht, performance for two speakers, piano and 6 performers

2015 Ucht for ensemble and tape

2014 Plexus for ensemble

2014 Play for large ensemble

2014 Pulsar for organ and voice

2013 Nighttime Tales for tenor and ensemble

2013 Naechte Haltestelle for soprano and ensemble

2012 Nebula for Javanese Gamelan

2012 Tales of a Brain for horn, percussion, soprano, organ, violin, double-bass and tape

2012 UnderSurFace for ensemble and video

2011 Maladie de la Tourette for wind quartet

2011 3in1 for tuba, cello and organ

2011 Isostasie for piano quintet

2010 Dream of a Whale for two low brass, two low string instruments and singing percussionist

2010 Rock. Scissors. Paper for sound objects and 5 performers. Composed in collaboration with Sergey Khismatov

2007 Theory of strings for flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola and piano


2022 Terricone for symphony orchestra

2018 Audioguide for singing orchestra

2016 In einem anderen Raum for orchestra with smartphones

2011 Nisus for orchestra

2010 Rarefaction of Water for piano and orchestra


2024 Keine Angst. Sagte die Angst | music performance for all 6+

2012 Visitation | music for singing dancers

2012 Tohuwabohu | chamber opera for 3 voices, trombone, double bass, sound objects and sampler


2024 Astatheia for trombone

2023 Sklithra for piano and tape

2022 eigengrau for accordion

2021 MARA for violin and electronics

2021 furueru for organ

2020 Lei for singing cello

2019 hauchdünn for accordion

2017 Ice for shelf

2016 auelliae for organs of St. Peter Colone

2015 Lace for bass clarinet and electronics

2011 Nisus for double bass

2010 Surfaces for percussionist

2010 The Song of a Fish for soprano

2008 Aqua Sonare for piano


2022 Speculo for two sopranos

2019 Signals for 14 performers with megaphones

2018 Le basile de sa propre nature for four voices

2016 moyioomni for 16 voices

2016 Ulenflucht for 20 playing and singing performers

2014 Sirene for 22 voices

2013 I Hear Voices for three voices and tape

2012 Vocerumori for 6 voices

2011 Wehmut  for 5 voices, violin, double bass, prepared piano and sound objects

2011 Landscapes for 5 voices

2010  The Song of a Fish for soprano


2015 The Time of The Owl's Flight for octophonic sound system

2010 Micromaa for fixed media